“In Raising Ross, Laurie candidly and unselfishly brings us into her home, family, career and heart to poignantly convey her journey of raising a son with autism. In so doing, parents of sons and daughters with autism owe a debt of gratitude to Laurie for she has made it clear to the world that we are motivated and inspired by unconditional love.”

—Lori Lapin Jones, Vice Chairwoman, Board of Directors Organization for Autism Research, proud parent of a son with autism


“In Raising Ross, Laurie Rubin-Haber portrays how she navigated the world of autism with love and promise for her son. Her honest depiction of the personal difficulties she faced offers the reader hope, along with practical recommendations for success. As the mother of adult twin sons with severe autism, I found her book to be a wonderful resource for any parent facing the lifelong journey of autism.”

–Robyn K. Schneider, author of Silent Running: Our Family’s Journey to the Finish Line with Autism


“Laurie shares her inspiring story in Raising Ross, a book filled with hope and encouragement for other families facing similar journeys. Her son Ross has thrived, thanks to the compassion and care of his parents, brother and extended community. Raising Ross is realistic and upbeat, with a subtitle that perfectly sums it up: ‘It’s all about the love for our autistic son.’ ”

—Liane Kupferberg Carter, author of Ketchup is My Favorite Vegetable: A Family Grows Up with Autism


Raising Ross is a deeply personal and moving account of how love, flexibility, and dedication can change the life of a child with significant challenges. Laurie Rubin-Haber and her family and friends have truly created a village to raise her child with autism, working at all times to help him reach maximum function and independence. This book can be helpful to every family dealing with a child with complex disabilities.”

—Susan Yellin, Esq., Director of Advocacy and Transition Services, The Yellin Center for Mind, Brain, and Education in New York City. She is an author of Life After High School: A Guide for Students with Disabilities and Their Families


“As a professional working in the field of intellectual and developmental disabilities for the past 35 years I am repeatedly amazed at the strength and resiliency of the people I work with and their families. Through her book, Laurie has opened the door to her life as Ross’s mother and the impact autism has had on Ross and his family. It is an honest and eye-opening story of the challenges and the joys they have lived. Her message is one of love, acceptance and hope for those who find themselves in a similar circumstance. I believe her ability to reach out and be open to accepting help from her family, friends, community and professionals over the years rings loud and clear in the telling of her story . . . I would encourage others to do the same. Through love and perseverance, Laurie and Ross have not only survived, but thrived.”

–Jane Reich, Director of Day and Employment Services, The Center for Developmental Disabilities


“The saying 'You know one child with autism, you know one child with autism' refers to the idea that autism is a snowflake disorder, with each child's symptoms and strengths often strikingly different from the next. After reading Raising Ross, it seems to me that the opposite is true for parents of autistic children. We all share the common thread of diving in deep to better the outcome for our children, which involves putting ourselves into gut-wrenching, uncomfortable situations for that small push forward. As such, we fervently celebrate every act of kindness and every seemingly tiny accomplishment. If you have raised a child with autism, you will find pieces of yourself in this book...and if you have just begun that journey, you will find hope here. Thank you, Laurie, for sharing your family's story so openly.”

—Gena Mann, autism mom and co-founder of wolfandfriends.com